Normoxic Trimix Diver


The Normoxic Trimix Diver course is designed to train divers who wish to dive to depths between 130 fsw and 230 fsw, but do not with to breathe air below 130 fsw.  Trimix, which is air with the addition of helium, is designed to mitigate the effects of nitrogen narcosis.  The intent is to be able to conduct dives as deep as 230 fsw while retaining an Equivalent Narcotic Depth (END) of 120 fsw.

During the course students will be taught dive planning considerations of gas mixes containing helium, special equipment considerations as well as some of the dangers of diving trimix gases.  At least 2 dives will be conducted utilizing a normoxic mix (20% O2 +/- 2%) in which the maximum depth attained with be 230 fsw. 

This training allows graduates to reach depths and sites here on Okinawa that have been previously unreachable.  This course is very demanding and has stringent gates which must be passed before being issued certification.  Diving to the depths that trimix allows carries much greater risk than that of recreational scuba diving.  For this reason candidates will be required to demonstrate mastery over all technical diving competencies in order to qualify for graduation. 



- Must be qualified as an TDI Extended Range Diver, IANTD Technical Diver or equivalent.

- Must provide proof of a minimum of 200 logged dives, of which at least 30 were deeper than 130 fsw or sufficient experience doing technical dives to satisfy the instructor that the student has the ability and knowledge to continue into this level of training.

- Must be a minimum of 18 years of age.